Welcome from Manaslu Tours

Manaslu Tours is a locally owned inbound adventure trekking, tour, and expedition operator basically in the Manaslu region. We mainly support the Tourism industry and promote new tourist destinations with great enthusiasm. Our services are considered to our guests' needs and expectations. We have customized our services and facilities to ensure that anybody enjoys relaxing in total comfort in the many important destinations of Nepal. We believe traveling with us can be a rewarded experience for you forever. We are confident that our guests will not be just customers but as special friends, who want to come again and again to Nepal through Manaslu Tour.

Manaslu Tours provides or serves the best travel services at competitive prices with the best service once in your lifetime. Our core of the operation is responsible Tourism and Eco Tourism in Nepal. We are well aware of social responsibilities and environmental protection. We are very much conscious of our social responsibilities. Our packages ensure the local people benefit as much as possible and any environmental impacts on the destinations are minimized. We monitor and ensure that all our business practices are adhered to by law, ethical standards, and of International norms and sustainability. We honor the ecological code of ‘minimal impact’ by rehabilitating as well as conserving by ensuring that Nepali and visitors alike are concerned with the realities of this region of our vulnerable planet. By delivering improved ways of traveling that minimize the impact on the environment, deliberating with public and local interest into mutual and corporate decision-making as a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by supporting remote peoples for their health camp, conducting skillful training, innovation, and environmental awareness program through our alliance social organization.